Remote assets

We are experts in digitizing your activities on the field through the application of mobile computing technologies as well as monitoring the status of remote assets through the application of traditional (GSM, 3G) and new (LPWAN) IoT technologies.

Remote assets are for many industries the main means for providing high value services to their customers and maintaining an infrastructure for their operations. We monitor and analyze the status of such assets to increase operational performance through predictive maintenance and real time operational intelligence, reactivity to changes in the business conditions and optimization of delivery planning – over 600 dispatchers are currently using our solutions across Europe, US and Canada.

We monitor today over 25,000 bulk tanks and on-site installations, as well as 150,000 medical devices of Patients suffering from sleep apnea and other respiratory diseases.

These Industrial or Medical assets are also subject to many operations performed by mobile workers, such as maintenance, inspection and/or delivery. Whether it’s using the latest smartphones or robust industrial devices, our mobile solutions are capable of digitizing the operations of workers working in the field.

More than 13.000 active mobile users benefit from our mobile solutions today.

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