Bulk Storage
and Movement

Redefining tank farm management and transportation tracking for greater efficiency

Bulk liquid inventory and distribution companies face an ever-increasing need to overcome the inefficiencies associated with existing manual methods to track, monitor, and manage liquid storage tanks. All the man hours to accomplish these tasks means lost productivity and profits.

Thanks to Alizent’s proven experience and expertise in the field of connecting industrial assets we can help you to address this real market challenge through wireless, ,non-intrusive solutions using the power of M2M and the efficiencies of the Internet of Things to bring next generation technology to revolutionize the industry.


drive greater productivity and profitability

Tank farm management challenges in performing accurate and timely material reconciliations can easily be managed with our solutions that automate, integrate and compute tank farm inventory to drive greater productivity and profitability.

We provide customers with an efficient way of controlling, monitoring and managing their tank farm inventories in different geographical locations and which can be integrated with plant and enterprise applications, allowing customers to share real-time accurate inventory information with existing or future plant systems.

Efficiently track and trace


Incoming, outgoing and internal material movements and transportation can now be efficiently tracked and traced through our solutions which allow companies to have an accurate unified view of their bulk tank movements, giving them unprecedented visibility and accuracy of material tracking and tracing in real time.